Mia – Even though she was elderly, Mia faced brutal training to perform circus tricks.

Mia before rescue. [Photo(c) Wildlife SOS]

Mia had lived most of her life chained to a filthy corner of a confined space with her companions, Rhea and Sita. As a circus elephant, Mia had to repeatedly undergo brutal training procedures to be able to perform unnatural tricks such as balancing a ball on her trunk or sit on her hind limbs. Blatant disregard for her advancing age, and deprived of proper nutrition took a tremendous toll on her physical and psychological health. Mia developed osteoarthritis and needed immediate retirement from her ordeal, which is when Wildlife SOS welcomed her to a kinder life that she deserved. There is nothing Mia enjoys more than taking long naps under the sun. She receives treatment for her chronic toenail abscesses and wounded foot pads, her treatment is made comfortable with the constant treats from her caregiver and the company of her companion, Rhea. When Mia naps, Rhea affectionately stands guard of her best friend shielding her from the rays of the sun. See how Mia is doing today!