Rhea – When not performing tricks, she was tightly chained, forced to stand in filth and starved.

Rhea before rescue. [Photo(c) Wildlife SOS]

For Rhea, life was a painful, monotonous cycle of being beaten into submission and starved to control her. She was abused as a circus elephant and would spend most of her day performing with a football for an. They were unaware and ignorant of Rhea’s painful life, which included undergoing brutal training to perform tricks. She would be kept restrained and forced to stand in her own faeces which severely affected her joint health and deteriorated the condition of her foot pads. An exhausted Rhea would be tethered close to her companions, Mia and Sita. When not performing and the trio would painfully wait for the ordeal to end. When Wildlife SOS rescued Mia and Sita, Rhea waited to find her way back to her companions and the reunion was heartfelt and emotional. The trio would never be spotted apart, whether during their intensive foot care treatments, meals or their long walks along the lush green surroundings of the Centre. Even though Sita passed away a few years ago, Rhea and Mia continue their healing journey under our care and often pause in their long walks to look for their dearest companion. See how Rhea is doing today!