Suzy – For more than six decades, Suzy was starved, brutalized and deprived of medical care.

Suzy before rescue. [Photo(c) Wildlife SOS]

For over six decades, Suzy’s health was neglected as she was lauded with ornamental garbs and paraded as a circus elephant. She was malnourished and emaciated, her petite structure overburdened with the pain and discomfort of her lost vision. Suzy spent most part of her life being brutally trained for the entertainment industry, restrained to concrete floors, and deprived of proper nutrition leading to the loss of her teeth. At the grand old age of 71 years, Suzy suffers from a serious condition of osteoarthritis, chronic blindness, wounded footpads and poor body composition. Her rescue in 2015 freed her from the shackles of slavery and she was safely transported to the Wildlife SOS Elephant Conservation and Care Centre. Since Suzy has no molars, we create special fruit smoothies for her easy consumption and digestion and the green fodder that she is given is finely chopped as well. Suzy’s psychological recovery has been aided in the company of Asha and together, the duo take measured steps along the fresh green surroundings of the Centre. See how Suzy is doing now!