The Nut Herd – These four young elephants faced decades of abuse if we didn’t intervene.

Peanut and Coconut before rescue. [Photo(c) Wildlife SOS]

In 2015, Wildlife SOS saved four elephants that had suffered throughout their young, formative years being abused for the entertainment industry. The youngest of these four elephants was only six years old when we rescued her and we named her Peanut. Little Peanut would show signs of stereotypy and distress as she would constantly bob her head for hours at a stretch owing to the traumatising training she underwent. Coconut, who was 11 years old, at the time of rescue would be forced to parade for an audience and covered with ornamental garbs, forced to perform tricks in the cacophony of loud music that frightened her. Two young bull elephants, Macadamia and Walnut, became living testimony to the repercussions of abusive, harsh captivity. They would be beaten repeatedly with bullhooks and sticks to control them, and then tethered to a corner for days. The Nut Herd’s rescue concluded their association with cruelty’s and Wildlife SOS care staff gave them the time they needed to grow accustomed to their new, compassionate surroundings. See how the Nut Herd is doing now!