Jasmine – She was forced to fight traffic and beg on the streets of mega-city Delhi.

Jasmine before rescue. [Photo(c) Wildlife SOS]

On the bustling streets of Delhi, infamous for its traffic, a person would be shocked to spot an ailing elephant timidly navigating through the cars. Amidst the glaring horns and the cacophony of the traffic, nobody could quite understand the trumpet of an elephant, and yet, nothing could be done to save her. Jasmine would spend a majority of the day begging for alms and would spend the night restrained to a corner with only dry grass and water, far from the proper nutrition she required. Her rescue in 2019 paved the way for a revolutionary movement across the nation’s capital as she became Delhi’s last captive elephant. No longer subjected to bullhook beatings and being forced to walk on scalding tarmac roads, Jasmine now lives at the Wildlife SOS Elephant Rehabilitation Centre in Haryana, and has joined a herd of four other elephants. Daisy, a blind elephant was also rescued from Delhi, is Jasmine’s dearest friend and the duo are never spotted apart, constantly rumbling out to each other during long walks along the peaceful area of the Centre. See how Jasmine is doing now!